We Build Heavy Duty Buckets for Heavy Duty People

Whether your a farmer or you do construction you need equipment that’s going to hold up to your daily needs to get things done.  With Nitro Buckets, that is our mission.

We want to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently and we do that with a wide variety of products from quick attach buckets, bale forks, and even our new Nitro Tooth Bar.

Check out our products below to learn more.

Chris Holdheide – Owner     Kurt Bergman – Owner

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Bale Forks


Whether you need to pick up round bales or big square bales we have bale forks that will fit your needs.  From our 80″ 4 prong bale forks to our smaller 48″ 2-prong setup.  

The spears are made of a heavy grade spring steel and are set up with a quick attach hook up.

Tooth Bars


Whether you’re looking to cut into dirt, break up concrete, or do a nice back grade finish, this tool can do it all.  Made from special hardened steel these blades are made to last.

Best of all these blades can be custom made to fit any bucket.

Dirt Buckets

Dirt Buckets can be one of the hardest working tools on your construction site.  With a hardened blade and quick attach hook up this is a bucket that is built to last.

Buckets come in a wide variety of sizes and can even be custom-built o meet your needs.

Manure Buckets


Looking for a manure bucket that will last?  With Nitro Buckets we make a heavy, medium, and lite duty style bucket.  They also come in 72″ and 84″ sizes or can be ordered in a custom size if needed.

Concrete Buckets


Are you looking for a way to move concrete around in a more efficient way?  With are 3/4 yard concrete bucket you can maneuver concrete around with ease using any quick attach skid loader.  It also comes with a 3-foot chute and can add an extra 3-foot chute extension if needed.

Snow Blade

Looking for a snowblade to move snow?  This snow blade is 4 feet tall 4 feet deep and 14 feet wide. 

They can come with a 3 point hook up for bigger snowblades and a quick attach hook up for your skid loader for smaller setups.